Download njRat v0.8 2018 – Remote Administration Tool

By | August 20, 2018

Download njRat v0.8 2018 – Remote Administration Tool

Download njRat v0.8 2018 – Remote Administration Tool

what is njRAT ?

It is a Remote Access Tool which we can use to hack others computer and also remote holder computer. in this case njRAT use for hacking mostly people create nj server and send to victim to control their computer and crack the personal data.

How Its Work ?

First of all download Njrat and install it to your computer/laptop then open it and build a server which u can also modify him like software through changing icon name and type. then simply set him with your ip port forwarding setup and save your server send to your victim and waiting for install.

How To Download ?

In this website we will give you 2 option of downloading.

we setup 2 downloading button in this post simply download njRAT under the below button if u did not get it then also 1 button on then front page.

If you really enjoy this software then comment under the post your idea for us valuable .

thank you for downloading NjRat.

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